Wednesday REALTOR® Tour

The person who is Host should report to GAR the other members helping with the luncheon the Friday prior to their luncheon, but no later than Monday before the luncheon in order to get the information out to the membership.

Information presented as provided by Tour Host and deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Please note: This is a Realtor tour only and is not intended for clients. These tours are only available to GAR Realtor members.

Cancellation of a Wednesday Open House Luncheon should be reported to GAR promptly to help give others a chance for the Open House - sometimes there will be a waiting list. If someone else has already agreed to help you and is willing to be the Host and provide the entrée and they haven't been a Host within the quarter, then contact GAR to place them as the Host and that person will follow the above guidelines.

November 2019

6 – Lunch Tour - Laura Life - Winston Properties, LLC - The Peninsula

13 – Lunch Tour - Debbie Roberts - Keller Williams Realty - Acton

20 – Lunch Tour - Jane Adams - Clark Real Estate Group - Ashley Oaks

27 – Thanksgiving Week - No Tour

December 2019

4 – Lunch Tour - Jackelynn Taff - Elevate Realty Group - Hwy 144 & Williamson Road

4 - Evening Tour - Adam Richards - Magnolia Realty - Laguna Vista

11 – Lunch Tour - Lana Robinson - Prairie Wind Real Estate - Pecan Plantation

18 – OPEN - Call GAR to book this date.

25 – Christmas - No Tour

January 2020

1 – New Year's Day - No Tour

8 – OPEN - Call GAR to book this date.

15 – OPEN - Call GAR to book this date.

22 – OPEN - Call GAR to book this date.

29 – OPEN - Call GAR to book this date.