2024 Granbury Association of REALTORS® Committee Information


2024 Committee Chair: Jacque Gordon

Purpose: Ensure accuracy of the organization’s Bylaws. Ensure compliance with State and National guidelines.

Review and evaluate the Association’s governing documents to ensure they are maintained and in compliance with the National Association of REALTORS®.

Meets: As needed

Commercial Real Estate

2024 Committee Chair: Lee Overstreet

Purpose: To enhance opportunities, as well as professional growth, for REALTORS® who specialize in commercial real estate transactions. Actively recruit partners from businesses in the area and promote commercial growth.

The Committee will serve as a resource to address the special needs and interests of REALTOR® Members who list and sell commercial property.

The goal of the monthly meetings will be to inform and educate members about available commercial properties, land use, zoning, water pollution, storm water management, transportation and comprehensive planning.

Meets: Monthly


2024 Committee Chair: Eliza Knapp

Purpose: Ensure the stability of the Association’s current and future financial posture by developing the annual budget, monitoring compliance with the annual budget, implementing sound investment strategies and ensuring that an annual audit is conducted each fiscal year.

Consider and recommend ways and means to properly finance the Association, submit estimated annual budgets and have general fiscal oversight of Association operations, investments, and financial policy. Review budget as needed mid-year to recommend any changes necessary.

NOTE: An accountant will provide bank reconciliations monthly to follow standards of practice.

Meets: Mid/End of October, to discuss and submit annual budget for approval by the Board and again after Fiscal Audit completed (mid-year) to re-assess.

Governmental Affairs

2024 Committee Chair: Kevin Watson

Purpose: Establish and maintain membership involvement in local, state and national legislative issues.

Responsible for conducting candidate interviews for endorsement/financial support, communicating with area legislators regarding issues relevant to real estate professionals and attending REALTOR® Day in Austin.

Work with local, state and national government entities to encourage a climate favorable to the real estate profession, private property ownership and the free enterprise system, including consideration of proposed regulations affecting real estate interests and other industry-related matters, encouraging sound legislation protecting property rights and individual ownership of real estate.

Meets: 3 – 4 times per year.


2024 Committee Chair: Erin Bassett

Purpose: Provide the membership with programs, networking social events and information on NAR, TAR and the local Association. General membership meetings involving “meet and greets” and/or other entertainment are intended to be a “break-even” budgetary item.

Coordinate annual Meet & Greet functions, organize annual Affiliate Expo, survey membership to determine how Association can better serve them.

Meets: 3 – 4 times per year.


2024 Committee Chair: Whitney Knieper

Purpose: Chairperson will serve as the User’s Group Member of NTREIS. Another Member of the MLS committee may be appointed to serve as a member of the NTREIS Board. Chairperson provides report from each User Group Meeting – to the Board – in regards to updates, changes, concerns, etc. Chairperson serves as liaison between Membership and NTREIS User Group – voicing concerns, suggestions, and requests of the GAR Membership.

Chairperson is responsible for conducting MLS education session during GAR’s New Member Orientation – or appointing a Committee Member to conduct the session.

Provide lunch and learns surrounding MLS tools and services/changes to increase value to members.

Meet: As needed – Attends all New Member Orientations (approximately 6 per year) and NTREIS User Group Meetings (6 per year in Dallas)

Professional Development

2024 Committee Chair: Kyle Rose

Purpose: Select and promote educational events, classes, etc., to meet the members’ needs for professional development and continuing education.

Annually re-assess the SAE and CE programs provided and hosted by GAR: Webinars, Live Classes, On-Line Classes, etc. Evaluate the content of current programs and adjust for relevance, redundancy and content, as needed.

Meet: 3 – 4 times per year.

Public Relations

2024 Committee Chair: Eliza Knapp

Purpose: Establish and maintain favorable public exposure for the organization and its members. Look for opportunities to become involved and provide Community service. Adhere to NAR’s Core Alignment Standards.

Ensure the compliance of NAR’s Core Standards requirements for annual recertification: three (3) activities a year, keeping consumer’s updated regarding real estate trends and concerns, and one (1) safety requirement including:

  • Being the “Voice for Real Estate” (Monthly President’s Letter/Hood County News and Letter’s to the Editor/Articles)
  • Community Involvement
  • Advocacy
  • Community Investment
  • Safety Initiative

Meets: 3 – 4 times per year or more, if needed.

Strategic Planning

2024 Committee Chair: Erienne Higgins

Purpose: Ensure the financial stability and continued growth of the Association, while upholding the GAR Mission Statement.

Assess and establish goals and objectives of the Association for a 1 – 3 year time frame, assigns duties to other committees as necessary, works to enhance member benefits.

Meets: Mid – late October to establish objectives and submit for approval by the Board and mid-year to assist objectives.


2024 Committee Chair: Lee Overstreet

Purpose: Educate and increase awareness for TREPAC and other Governmental programs to ensure member understanding of the importance and benefits of TREPAC. Promote Advocacy and participation in the political system and encourage members to consider contributions to entities such as TREPAC.

Encourage Brokers and Members to participate in NAR Call for Action Programs. Participate in Texas REALTOR® Hill Visits during legislative session.

Organize, initiate and coordinate 3 TREPAC Fundraisers per year.

Meet: 4 – 6 times per year, or more as needed.

Special Events

2024 Committee Chair: Whitney Knieper

Purpose: Responsible for planning and executing additional social events throughout the year, as requested by membership and approved by the Board of Directors.

Meets: Several times