ZipForm Changes for 2013–FAQ

Enhanced Texas Association of REALTORS®

zipLogix benefit for 2013

All Texas REALTORS®, as part of their 2013 state association dues, will receive the following bundle of

zipLogix services as a member benefit:

zipForm 6 Professional: online version of the form‐fill software

zipVault: online storage

Digital Ink: e‐signature solution

The following pages offer details about each product, as well as options for those members currently

using zipForm Standard (desktop version of the software).

For more answers to questions about this enhanced member benefit and for training resources, visit or call zipLogix at 800‐383‐9805.

These benefits will be available to all members on or before Jan. 1, 2013.

The Texas Association of REALTORS® 2013

zipLogix benefit includes …

zipForm 6 Professional

What benefit is there to using zipForm 6 Professional?

Transactions, forms, and documents are stored securely online automatically, which means there is no need to make extra backups or worry about a computer crashing. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection, and documents (PDFs, Word documents, emails, etc.) can be stored online with zipVault.

Will zipForm 6 Professional work without an Internet connection?

You need an Internet connection to start zipForm Professional, but if you lose that connection, you can continue working in the program. It will synchronize your data whenever it reconnects to the Internet.


What is zipVault?

It’s online storage for transactions and documents. Because transactions left in zipForm 6 Professional are deleted after 14 months of inactivity, the zipVault feature allows you to store transactions and documents for up to three years.

How do you access zipVault?

ZipVault is fully integrated with zipForm. You can view zipVault files from the zipVault section of zipForm 6 Professional, or you can view the documents within a zipForm file. Click the zipVault tab on the forms and documents panel to view your saved zipVault documents.

How long are documents stored on zipVault?

Texas REALTORS® can store documents for up to three years using the zipVault system.

How many transaction files can be stored in zipVault?

There is no limit to the number of zipVault files.

Can zipVault files be shared?

Yes, zipVault files can be emailed or faxed directly from zipVault or can be shared online.

Digital Ink

How many signatures do Texas REALTORS® get as part of this benefit?

TAR members get unlimited Digital Ink signatures.

Will Texas REALTORS® be able to continue using DocuSign?

Yes. DocuSign and Digital Ink are both integrated with zipForm 6 Professional. It’s also possible to create a Digital Ink account and try it without giving up DocuSign.

What is the password for zipLogix Digital Ink?

There is no separate username and password. Digital Ink is accessed through zipForm 6 Professional.

How do clients sign documents using Digital Ink?

An agent will prepare a packet of documents for clients to sign. Clients will receive an email when it is their turn to sign with a link to begin signing. Clients will create their signing PIN and will be prompted to click to sign the documents prepared by the agent.

Other zipLogix services available to Texas

REALTORS® at a big discount

zipForm 6 Standard

Can Texas REALTORS® continue to use zipForm 6 Standard?

Yes. Starting Jan. 15, 2013, existing zipForm 6 Standard users can renew their subscription. However, zipForm 6 Standard will no longer be included as part of this benefit package, so there will be an additional cost.

How much will it cost to use zipForm 6 Standard?

The Texas Association of REALTORS® has negotiated a steep discount for members: $29.95 per year.

When will existing zipForm 6 Standard accounts expire?

Feb. 15, 2013.

Can existing data from zipForm 6 Standard be transferred to zipForm 6 Professional?

Yes. Visit for a one‐page PDF that explains the data synchronization process.

zipForm Mobile Web Edition

How can zipForm 6 be used on a smart phone or tablet?

ZipForm 6 Mobile Web Edition. It’s available from the Apple App Store or from Visit for a list of supported devices

How much does zipForm Mobile Web Edition cost?

Texas REALTORS® can purchase zipForm Mobile Web Edition for $8.45 per year. That one price enables Texas REALTORS® to use it from any of their mobile devices.

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